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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Carrier Name: Gene’s Bus Charters
DOT Number: 428066
DBA Gene’s Charters
Number: 234034
Address: 153 LOY ST
Mailing Address: 153 LOY ST
Telephone 817-447-2130

Summary of Safety Evaluation Areas (SEAs)

Their website uses a system called SafeStat, (Safety Status), based on current federal motor carrier safety data, to measure the relative safety status of ALL Federally regulated commercial motor carriers in four Safety Evaluation Areas (SEAs): Accident, Driver, Vehicle and Safety Management.

SEA values range between 0 (best) and 100 (worst) and are calculated for carriers with sufficient data related to each SEA. As displayed in the bar chart, the selected carrier’s SEA values are compared to the national averages for all passenger carriers in each evaluation area.

The higher the SEA value, the worse its safety status. For example, a carrier with a Driver SEA value of 80 indicates that approximately 80% of the carrier population with sufficient data had a better safety performance than that carrier with respect to driver issues. Note: Only carriers with sufficient data are used during the calculation of the ratings.

The safety and insurance information below is provided as a courtesy and is based on information which was current as of the monthly SafeStat run date listed. For the latest and most complete data, please use the links provided in each section.

(The higher the SEA value, the worse its safety status.)

Safety Rating – Current as of: 8/2/2015
Most Recent Rating: Satisfactory on 02/18/2015

Visit SAFER for the most up-to-date safety information.