About Gene's Bus Charters

No event should have to deal with unreliable transportation. That’s the motto of Gene’s Bus Charters and its entire trained staff. For over 30 years, we’ve been transporting friends, family, and residents of Texas all over Dallas-Fort Worth, and beyond. This history has landed us with the experience and service necessary to offer the best in coach bus rentals, and shuttle transportation in the area.

While specializing in on-site charter bus rentals for you and your loved ones, we’ve created an environment where customer satisfaction is of the utmost concern. As a DOT regulated interstate carrier, our garage has become a space for repairs and maintenance, ensuring that our fleet is always in tip-top shape come event day. By doing so, we’ve received the highest marks for safety from the Department of Transportation and the Department of Defense.

It is without a doubt that Gene’s Bus Charters will be there when you need us. The services we offer are available to you at a price that is both affordable and reasonable. Do not hesitate to ask us what it is you’re looking for – it’s our job.

For more information on our services, contact Gene’s Bus Charters today.

Gene & Martha Griffin